26 Oct

Tiana’s Ring by Candlelight

Tiana’s Ring by Candlelight

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Here is a Flickr photo set of our engagement rings. Yes, we both have engagement rings, as I mentioned in our engagement announcement post.

Our rings have the same band design, yet contain a couple differences: Tiana’s ring contains three moonstones, while mine contains smaller blue sapphires; also, the inner vine design is yellow gold with white gold on the outside solid edge on Tiana’s ring while mine contains yellow gold on the outside and white gold on the inner vine design.

These are our engagement and wedding rings. We think they turned out rather nice.

Tiana will need to get hers resized a bit, but other than that, we’re very happy and thankful for these rings!

21 Oct

Tiana Lin Reinhardt and Eric Austin Lee are engaged!

We are proud to pronounce that Tiana and Eric are engaged!

On Thursday, October 20th, 2005, Tiana Reinhardt agreed to marry Eric Lee as the sun set behind them on the cliffs in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

Eric devised a rather elaborate plan to surprise Tiana that night. The proposal included convincing her that he had locked his keys in his car on the way to a dinner reservation, convincing our friends to hide out on the beach until Tiana accepted Eric’s proposal, and asking our friends to bring flowers as well as well wishes to write on shells that were to be delivered to Tiana afterwards.

After Tiana arrived in Ocean Beach to give Eric a set of keys to get into his car, he lured her down some steps to a small, secluded beach, convincing her that there were some dolphins to be seen before the sun disappeared too far into the night sky. Turning around at the foot of the cliff, he had to tell her that there were no dolphins, but more importantly, he had to tell her of his love for her not only with words, but also with an engagement ring and a very important question.

During the three months prior to this night, we had our engagement rings fashioned by a jeweler who agreed to do custom work for us. After Tiana accepted Eric’s proposal and let Eric place her ring on her finger, Eric also allowed Tiana to place the ring that they had made for Eric upon his finger.

After a few short moments, a group of our friends started cheering from the sidelines of the beach, further surprising Tiana. They greeted us with hugs, and they placed their sea shells down at a pre-placed flower arrangement.

By sundown, everybody was gone, and we were allowed to share some time alone before going out to dinner to celebrate and read all of the well wishes from our friends.

Picture Gallery #1 taken by David Overholt

Picture Gallery #2 taken by Jennifer Tracy

(The extended entry below contains the full text of Eric’s write-up on his blog that originally appeared here.)

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