26 Oct

Tiana’s Ring by Candlelight

Tiana’s Ring by Candlelight

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Here is a Flickr photo set of our engagement rings. Yes, we both have engagement rings, as I mentioned in our engagement announcement post.

Our rings have the same band design, yet contain a couple differences: Tiana’s ring contains three moonstones, while mine contains smaller blue sapphires; also, the inner vine design is yellow gold with white gold on the outside solid edge on Tiana’s ring while mine contains yellow gold on the outside and white gold on the inner vine design.

These are our engagement and wedding rings. We think they turned out rather nice.

Tiana will need to get hers resized a bit, but other than that, we’re very happy and thankful for these rings!

One thought on “Tiana’s Ring by Candlelight

  1. Congrats to you both! We’re happy for you guys and I’m looking forward to meeting Eric some day.
    Steve and Christal

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