14 Jan

Some New Pictures of Us

Peek-a-boo #3

Originally uploaded by ericisrad.

Tiana and I made a third trip to our wedding site at Dos Picos park with Tiana’s Dad Laz and his wife Denise. We wanted to not only show them our wedding site, but also check out the progress of construction on it.

You see, our wedding site is not done being built yet. We are not worried though, because since the last time we were there, the construction crew has made enormous leaps and bounds in progress on the site.

Before leaving the site buy generic modafinil online though, we decided to take some cheezy-yet-fun pictures of each other. The one featured in this post is my favourite not only for the lighting, but also the way the blue colour of Tiana’s eyes come out so well in the picture.

We’re very excited and are looking forward to seeing all of our families on May 20th!

Here is the Flickr gallery:

Dos Picos Scouting and Posing for Pics

14 Jan

For real this time: We’re growing our own flowers

Apologies if anybody thought the last post was real concerning our “knitted wedding” — we’re not actually doing that.

However, what we’re really doing is going to plant all our own flowers. Back when I was in junior high in Merced, CA, I used to do this with great enthusiasm. I planted hundreds of bulbs around our house and just about all of them came up and it looked gorgeous! I planted crocus, hyacinths, blue grape hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, and gladiolus.

We figured that not only would it be a money saver, but it would also be a lot of fun to do. We’ve already bought most of the seeds and bulbs for the flowers we’re going to use.

This morning I called into 1360 AM in San Diego to talk to Bruce Asakawa on the “Garden Compass” morning show. Him and his co-hosts provided some helpful advice. We’re thinking of having those super blue, bearded irises as one of the main flowers as our colour theme is bright blue and brown. We’ll also be growing plenty of white flowers such as white alyssum and baby’s breath and a few other nice-looking flowers and bulbs.

I’ll be posting some pictures soon of what we bought, and I also hope to keep you all updated on the progress of the flowers, complete with pictures!

There are 125 days left till our wedding! Much joy!