14 Jan

Some New Pictures of Us

Peek-a-boo #3

Originally uploaded by ericisrad.

Tiana and I made a third trip to our wedding site at Dos Picos park with Tiana’s Dad Laz and his wife Denise. We wanted to not only show them our wedding site, but also check out the progress of construction on it.

You see, our wedding site is not done being built yet. We are not worried though, because since the last time we were there, the construction crew has made enormous leaps and bounds in progress on the site.

Before leaving the site buy generic modafinil online though, we decided to take some cheezy-yet-fun pictures of each other. The one featured in this post is my favourite not only for the lighting, but also the way the blue colour of Tiana’s eyes come out so well in the picture.

We’re very excited and are looking forward to seeing all of our families on May 20th!

Here is the Flickr gallery:

Dos Picos Scouting and Posing for Pics

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