10 Mar

The rains

Over the course of the last couple weeks, San Diego has been getting rain. Thank God. However, growing little seedlings is difficult when they get flooded. A couple of our seedling trays are covered with a transparent plastic for protection/warmth, but some of our other seedlings are not, so we have been having to move the trays of seedlings indoors when the elements demand it.

Also, having stray/resident cats around that walk on the trays doesn’t help when the seedlings are delicate. I’m a bit worried about the Baby’s Breath, which have been sprouting rather vigorously, but have met the weight of some cat paws. I’m in the process of transplanting buy phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg online those now because I also want to give their roots more space to grow; their little seedling trays can no longer hold them. I was also thinning some of them out, but this site says that they grow best crowded.

Most of the Cupid’s Darts are ready to transplant as well, which is very exciting. The Flax is still growing, but they are very delicate.

I’ve planted a bunch of bulbs as well, but some of the unplanted ones have gone missing, so I will have to buy some more! How does one lose bulbs?!

Pictures to come soon.

09 Mar

Invitations are out

Invitations went out at the beginning of the week. The website is done. Our flowers are growing (pics to come later). Honeymoon hotel resort is booked as well as the roundtrip plane tickets there. We’re currently looking for an apartment/house to rent. Things are moving along well. We love you all.