06 Jun

Honeymoon and wedding pictures!

Yay, we’re back from our honeymoon. Actually, we’ve been back since the 29th of May, but Tiana and I have been extremely busy with not only our everyday activities, but in unpacking all of our gifts (thank you for all the gifts, by the way! thank-you cards are on their way!) and in unpacking all of our belongings. We’re about two-thirds done, I would say, so wonderful progress has been made. Many thanks to Leigh Nottingham, Jenn Tracy, and Kelly Tirrill for helping out yesterday!

So first, I will post a link to our honeymoon pictures which were taken in Banff, Alberta, Canada as well as Calgary and Edmonton:


While we haven’t received our official wedding photos back yet from the photographers, my ol’ roommate Dave-O had somebody take pictures with his camera of the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception, which can be found … here!

Dave-O’s pictures of our wedding

As soon as we receive our official wedding photos, we’ll let you know by posting a link to them here! Take care, all.



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