27 Jun

Wedding Ceremony Pictures!

We have over 2,000 wedding pictures to go through, and last night we whittled down 500+ pictures of our wedding ceremony to bring you the following 247 pictures (if you don’t want to clickity-click-click, here is a link to a slideshow of these pics). Thank you all so much to those who helped out and were in our wedding; we are forever thankful and indebted to you. And many, many thanks to our photographers Naomi and Sam for delivering such sweet shots :)

More pictures are on the way! We still have to sort through another 1,500 or so of the reception, wedding party, prep., pics of us, etc.

Also, if you were at our wedding and took pictures, it would be really cool if you could add your pictures taken
to this Flickr group. If you’re not already a member of Flickr, you should really take the time to sign up and learn how to use this great online picture-hosting service! The idea for this Flickr group is that we will soon have a large pool of all sorts of pictures taken from various people. Sharing is good!

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