25 Oct

Update from Tiana about the Fires in San Diego

Hello family and friends!

Well, I imagine most of you have heard by now that San Diego is experiencing another firestorm, only this time, its kinda worse. “The four major fires ripping across San Diego County have burned nearly 300,000 acres and destroyed or damaged 1,250 homes and 100 businesses since Sunday. More than 500,000 people have been told to evacuate…” but I wanted to let you know that Eric and I are not included in that evacuation request. We are safe although we’re keeping a close eye on what’s going on by going online every couple hours. If you zoom in a few notches on this fire map, http://www.signonsandiego.com/firemap/, we are pretty much closest to “North Park” or where the 8 and 15 collide, so that gives you an idea.

Both Eric and I have coworkers who have been effected – half of my coworkers have people staying with them…my boss alone has 11 of her family members evacuated into her home! There are thousands of people here in SD to keep in your prayers…

Point Loma Nazarene University, where Eric works and also attends a Master’s program, has closed down classes and most business offices for the week. My Catholic Charities office is actually only 4 blocks or so from a Witch fire evacuation area (in Mira Mesa/Miramar) but we’ve been told to go into work both yesterday and today (go figure! 😉 The air quality is poor and gives us headaches so we stay indoors with the AC on. My agency, Catholic Charities, plans to coordinate where to buy klonopin for cheap with the Salvation Army and Red Cross to provide assistance. They have prepared for many of us in the days/weeks to come, to volunteer as case managers for those who have been displaced and are applying for FEMA money.

Fortunately, San Diego seems to be doing and incredible job of responding to the disaster…at this point, there are tons of volunteers (probably partly because so many are not able to go in to work and want to donate their extra time), more food and donations than can be accepted, and lots of entertainment at the evacuation sites to keep everyone preoccupied.

If you would like more local SD information you can go here – they’re always updating the front page http://www.signonsandiego.com/

So, that is a brief update in case you had wondered. I received a call from my mom tonight saying people are wondering how Eric and I are doing out here in San Diego so I didn’t want anyone worrying. Thanks so much for thinking of us, really. Please pray for the many many people who are suffering and are tortured with the unknowns… for the firefighters who are feeling fatigued and have not slept since Sunday…

I hope this email finds all of YOU well. I miss you lots and hope to see you soon. I know the timing is bad for this one but seriously, if you’re ever in San Diego, let us know!! We’d love to see you!!

peace and love,
(and Eric…who also greets you hello and says, “we’re ok” 😉