18 May

Hyatt Hotel Stay

Tiana and I are currently chilling at the Hyatt Hotel & Resort in Mission Bay, San Diego. Yes, we’re staying in a hotel in our own town. But, we’re not paying! We graciously received a gift from Tiana’s work (Catholic Charities) along with a bunch of her co-workers who are also staying here.

It’s a pretty sweet place, right on the water. It’s so sweet, apparently, that they sometimes forget to only book one room per group, and so last night while we were eating dinner on our balcony, another couple came into the room! It was a bit awkward, yeah. We told them to go back to the front desk and get another room, and I called the front desk to let them know. We could have been playing a totally scandalous game of Settlers of Catan and they could have walked in on us!

The pool here is totally rad and has a really cool family atmosphere with waterslides and such. Speaking of, Tiana and I are going to meet our friend Lilian and her family by the pool for some more hangout time.

Hurray for updating our blog!

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