13 Jun

Packing on a Friday night

It’s 9pm on a Friday night and Tiana and I are winding down from an evening of packing things up. Our place is a pretty crazy mess. We are moving into our friend Stef’s house a month and a half before we actually leave for England to save a little bit on rent and get our deposit back early.

The little things that take up the bulk of our small apartment are DVDs, books, and crafty stuff. I’ve already sorted out my DVDs into ones to sell (already sold some) and ones to keep. My books are in three piles: 1) Ones to sell/thrift store, 2) Ones to store for 3 years, 3) ones to take with us to Nottingham. By far, the 2nd pile is the largest, making its way into multiple storage bins. Well actually, there is a 4th pile call the recycle bin where cheap propecia pills some really awful books (that shall go unnamed) may actually find their way into toilet paper one day. This vaporous pile is actually extremely small, thankfully.

Early this week, my unconditional offer from the University of Nottingham arrived! This means I can start working on my UK Visa application (which I already have, and it’s a really long form to fill out). Also, Tiana’s new passport came in the mail yesterday, so we’re basically ready to proceed with all the official paperwork stuff.

And lastly, two weeks ago we bought our one-way plane tickets to England! We are flying into Manchester on BMI airlines and taking a train the rest of the way into Nottingham.

We are still working on finding an apartment, though. And Tiana will have to find a job. So, there are still a few big things to work out.