05 Jul


Since moving to the UK, we have been walking so much more than we used to back home in San Diego. We don’t have a car here, and we really don’t need one at all. We walk or take public transportation wherever we go. I love it.

When we move back to the States my dream is to be able to live within walking distance of a main part of town for our shopping. Sadly, things aren’t as planned as well in the States as every city now is predicated upon roads and freeways for cars, but I’m hoping that we can figure buy accutane london something out.

When Tiana and I visited California back in March-April, I realized that there were a few times that we took cars to places that were easily within a mile or so of walking. I was appalled at myself that we didn’t just walk to these places and back. It really would not have taken that much longer, and we would have saved on gas, money, and gained exercise: a win-win.

Well, I’m off to walk to the high road in Beeston to get some toothpaste and read at a coffee shop for the rest of the afternoon.

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