20 Jan

Germany, pt. 3: Baden-Baden and Wintersdorf over Christmas

On Christmas eve and for the next two nights, Tiana and I stayed in Wintersdorf, Rastatt (near Baden-Baden, just a few miles away from the Black Forest) with some couchsurfing friends of ours. Back in 2008 a woman named Christine stayed with us in Nottingham, and a couple years later, she returned the favour for us and let us stay at her place with her husband Michael and their new little baby Caroline. On Christmas morning we woke up to a lovely cute little tree, and the most snow I’ve seen in a while. It had snowed all night.

Christmas morning tree with a soft light coming through the windows

So, we decided to go for a hike in some fairly deep snow. Before setting out for the hike, however, we had to do about an hour’s worth of shoveling snow. At one point we even got yelled at by a neighbor for (what I think was) putting snow on the street next to his house. Even though he didn’t own this part of the street, he seemed incredibly angry — on Christmas, even! Vielen dank!

Once the hike begun: it was breathtakingly gorgeous. We hiked along a river and towards a waterfall. The whole landscape was frosted with a thick layer of fresh snow and the trails hadn’t been touched yet that morning. We were at times up to our knees in snow. Below are some pictures from that morning.

Christine and Tiana. Probably my favourite picture of them hiking along the river.

Tiana giving us an idea how deep the snow is.

Tiana and Christine posing with a waterfall in the background.


When we returned from our Waldswanderung (forest hike, although I just made that word up in German so I dunno!), some of Christine and Michael’s family had already arrived and so we ate the cakes they had set out for our lunch. Afterwards we took a rest in the other room and I off-loaded the pictures of the hike to our laptop and uploaded them to Facebook later that night. In the early evening we had a delicious Christmas dinner with home-made (hand-pounded) schnitzel and home-grown food. We were satisfyingly stuffed!

Michael’s father told many stories about his family, many of which included old tales of circus clowns! He spoke very well and it occurred to me that even though I really couldn’t understand what he was saying, that he could very well be like a voice on a German instructional CD/MP3 because his annunciation was so clear (and apparently he wasn’t even originally German–Austrian I think).  Then we watched as they all exchanged gifts and had a very lovely time enjoying their company.

We were very tired because of all the food and the very long day which began with a hike, so we didn’t stay up very late. Unfortunately, this meant that we didn’t get a chance to Skype with our families because none of us thought ahead of time to schedule a Skype date. Oops!

The next day we took a train to Triberg to attend the Triberger Weinachtzauber. The views on the way were gorgeous. Here’s a few of them.

View from the train. A bit dim but okay.

Another view from the train. Wonderful weather that day.


Once in Triberg we took a shuttle bus to the top of a mountain where the festival itself was held. It was complete with many of the typical stands at Christmas Markets around Germany, although there were actually some incredibly unique booths with great hand-made items. Of course, as soon as we got there we got some food and some Glühwein! We did some walking around, and soon we spotted a cool local tradition: roasting a piece of bread on a stick!

on right: Christine (with baby Caroline in coat!), Tiana, and Michael (behind Tiana) roasting (baking?) their bread on sticks

As the sun was setting we wandered around to the decent-sized waterfall which was surrounded by snow and amazing icicle formations all around it. Such an incredibly unique and sweet look.

Wasserfall. There is a little bridge visible at the top of the fall where the pyrotechnic show was performed later that night.

Hallo! If we had stayed here much longer we would have looked like we were encased in carbonite. "I love you." ... "I know."

The evening was finished with a spectacular pyrotechnic show at the top of the waterfall. We headed up the hill surrounded in a tunnel of lights…

On the way to the top of the falls to get a view of the Rammstein music video--er, the Christmas pyrotechnic show!

…arriving to see this craziness, performed to electronic versions of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”: (my apologies for the not-the-greatest pictures: I’m not so good at night-shots)

'Playing' the violin with a fiery bow.

Auditioning for 'Stomp'

'Yes, I covered my body with oil.'

Grand finale.

Christine brought her camera along as well, including a couple of specialty lenses such as a telephoto lens (?) which I was able to borrow and put on my own camera to zoom in to take the above shots. We both have a Canon!

It was another long, but wholly enjoyable day. Christine & Michael (and Caroline!) were very gracious hosts and showed us a very nice time in their neck of the (German) woods. We had a lot of really fun conversations, as well as some serious ones. It seems like we share a lot of concerns in common (environmental, political, etc.). We will have to come back one day to do some mushroom-hunting (edible & non-hallucinagenic–I know what you’re thinking) with Michael & Christine when the snow has melted.

The next day we woke up early to board a train to Freiburg. Those tales and deeds will have to wait for another post.

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