13 Sep

Moving to a new academic space

Thus far I haven’t really shared much information or pictures on this blog regarding my academic activities–mainly because I have been busy just trying to read and think through my project, but also because I thought I may just leave that to my other, personal blog. But for now I think I’ll share some pictures of the new Humanities building that our department has just moved into.

Our Department of Theology and Religious Studies used to inhabit its very own building called the Highfield House on the main University Park campus. But now we’ve moved into a much larger, shared building along with a bunch of the other humanities departments. So, we mainly share the floor with the Philosophy department, but the other floors contain Art History, Archaeology, and Classics. Here’s some pictures of the outside and inside of the building, as well as what our nearby view looks like.

Main entrance to the new Humanities building. Flagship shot.

Close-up of main entrance.

What the main entrance looks like from the inside.

The main lobby, looking up to the 2nd and 3rd floors (or, if you're from the UK, the 1st and 2nd floors). There's lots of glass and natural light, which is a plus.

Another shot of the lobby looking up from the other direction. You can see the tables and couches for the open spaces to gather, have tea, etc.

Approaching the walkway and field opposite the Humanities building. They've put in a nice new path for walking to the main part of campus where the library and everything else is.

View of the field across from the new Humanities building. I love this view.


This means we also have new postgraduate study space. We’re mixed in with other postgrads, so my colleagues are in another aisle, and there’s a couple of philosophy students in my row.


This is my row. I'm the 3rd from the left.

My study space. Have fun cranning your neck to read the titles of the books if you're ever so curious!