23 Dec

Christmas Week

This is kind of a random puzzle that we did last night, but we like it a lot. In fact, Tiana remarked, “It’s too bad we didn’t do a cuter puzzle for Christmas!”┬áIt’s been a while since Tiana and I have just slowed down for a quiet evening of not watching a show or going out. A friend gave us a bunch of Christmas music and so we’ve incorporated that into a big mix MP3 CD to just let play for hours and hours.

This week, a lot of our friends and colleagues are going elsewhere for Christmas (some are scattering out across England, others have flown home to the States), but as for us, we are sticking around in Nottingham. Tiana actually works on Christmas day this year. For the past three Christmases while we’ve been abroad, she’d had the day off, but this time around, it was (basically) her turn to volunteer to work on the day. It’s only a 10am-2pm shift, which isn’t bad at all, and what’s more, I will be volunteering and going buy vardenafil 10 mg with her to work for those four hours, so it should be good fun. Christmas can often be a very lonely day for those whom she works with, so hopefully there will be enough people there to help them feel like they have some extra friends, at least for a few hours.

Tonight, Tiana and I are joining our friends David & Lauren Mosely to go hear the Southwell Minster Choir for a Christmas Eve service. We went a couple years ago, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The acoustics combined with amazing talent make for a beautiful evening. Tonight isn’t Christmas Eve (obviously), but apparently the Christmas Eve choir services have become so popular that they now have two of them, the second happening the night of the 23rd. So we’ve booked a restaurant afterwards to enjoy our night in Southwell.

Here is a two-part piece on the life and music of the Southwell Minster Choir:

A Happy Advent and a Merry Christmas to all! We miss you guys.

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