09 Apr

Wedding flower growth!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I last posted here. Well, I wanted to finally post pictures of the progress of our wedding flowers. It’s been really rainy and cold, so the plants haven’t been growing as fast as I would have liked, but that kind of stuff is beyond our control, and that’s okay. I think from here on out it is supposed to be pretty warm, so that is good!

These are from buy ambien fast shipping yesterday (click to enlarge):

Sweet Peas in hanging pots

More Sweet Peas (middle) and Desert Bluebells on the right.

The full scene of growing flowers.

Yet more Sweet Peas out in the garden!


Lots of pots too.

Another view.

Bulbs coming up.

Full picture set so far. I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time transplanting the seedlings, so I hope now that they’re mostly transplanted, they’ll grow bigger and quicker with more room to spread their roots.

10 Mar

The rains

Over the course of the last couple weeks, San Diego has been getting rain. Thank God. However, growing little seedlings is difficult when they get flooded. A couple of our seedling trays are covered with a transparent plastic for protection/warmth, but some of our other seedlings are not, so we have been having to move the trays of seedlings indoors when the elements demand it.

Also, having stray/resident cats around that walk on the trays doesn’t help when the seedlings are delicate. I’m a bit worried about the Baby’s Breath, which have been sprouting rather vigorously, but have met the weight of some cat paws. I’m in the process of transplanting buy phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg online those now because I also want to give their roots more space to grow; their little seedling trays can no longer hold them. I was also thinning some of them out, but this site says that they grow best crowded.

Most of the Cupid’s Darts are ready to transplant as well, which is very exciting. The Flax is still growing, but they are very delicate.

I’ve planted a bunch of bulbs as well, but some of the unplanted ones have gone missing, so I will have to buy some more! How does one lose bulbs?!

Pictures to come soon.

14 Jan

For real this time: We’re growing our own flowers

Apologies if anybody thought the last post was real concerning our “knitted wedding” — we’re not actually doing that.

However, what we’re really doing is going to plant all our own flowers. Back when I was in junior high in Merced, CA, I used to do this with great enthusiasm. I planted hundreds of bulbs around our house and just about all of them came up and it looked gorgeous! I planted crocus, hyacinths, blue grape hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, and gladiolus.

We figured that not only would it be a money saver, but it would also be a lot of fun to do. We’ve already bought most of the seeds and bulbs for the flowers we’re going to use.

This morning I called into 1360 AM in San Diego to talk to Bruce Asakawa on the “Garden Compass” morning show. Him and his co-hosts provided some helpful advice. We’re thinking of having those super blue, bearded irises as one of the main flowers as our colour theme is bright blue and brown. We’ll also be growing plenty of white flowers such as white alyssum and baby’s breath and a few other nice-looking flowers and bulbs.

I’ll be posting some pictures soon of what we bought, and I also hope to keep you all updated on the progress of the flowers, complete with pictures!

There are 125 days left till our wedding! Much joy!